Steveston 284 Seniors' Housing Society's mission is to provide and maintain a high standard of community integrated affordable, accessible, attainable non-profit housing in Richmond, BC for low and moderate-income seniors.
To achieve this mission, we strive . . . .

To provide and maintain affordable and accessible non-profit housing, suitable to the needs of qualified tenants, in a safe and secure setting

To work toward ensuring that non-profit housing is well integrated into the community

To work toward a high standard of cost effective maintenance for non-profit buildings

To encourage tenants to take an active part in maintaining and managing their non-profit housing and their living environment

To facilitate tenant awareness of rights and responsibilities and awareness of support services and resources in the community

To maintain community support and awareness of affordable housing

To strive toward and maintain a high standard of administration to ensure it is efficient, cost-effective and operates with professional ethics, current business practices and within government legislation and policy.


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