Is Independent Living Right for you?
Independent living attracts people who are looking to trade the responsibility of home maintenance, in exchange for a range of social, educational and leisure activities.

Independent Living facilities are an excellent first step for seniors that no longer can or want to live in their family home. In many cases, independent living is an easy and smart transition towards healthy senior living. After living in a family home for 30 or more years, many seniors have trouble making a transition to a senior lifestyle that includes less driving and more assistance with daily activities. Independent living is a great solution because it provides seniors with a comfortable home-like atmosphere that is designed to keep seniors interactive, healthy and safe. One of the biggest advantages of independent living is that it allows seniors to make new friends and stay social. Social interaction helps keep a senior's mind sharp and active. Just hop on the bus with your friends and head to a play, concert, or event without having to worry about logistics or details. This type of daily interaction is perfect for keeping seniors, happy and enjoying life.

Independent Living is Ideal for Seniors who:
  • are healthy and able to care for themselves
  • want to live independently
  • desire the security to be found in a seniors-only community
  • no longer want the hassle of maintaining a house
  • prefer to live among their peers
  • can communicate with doctors and caregivers by themselves

What is Independent Living?
Among the many senior housing options available, Independent Living provides the greatest versatility and freedom. Independent Living for seniors refers to residence in a compact, easy-to-maintain, and a private apartment within a community of seniors. 24-hour emergency call & response system in the living, bedroom and bathroom.

What are the Criteria to be a Tenant?

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What are the Criteria to be a Tenant?

What are the Criteria to be a Tenant? The three main criteria are: age, income and assets.

Must be a senior. Senior means a single person age 55 or older or a couple where at least one person is age 55 or older.

This project is geared to low to moderate income seniors. Low and Moderate Income means households, with household income below the top of the second quintile of the household income for British Columbia households. For 2010, this figure was $61,300. To be eligible for an affordable market unit, total household income must not exceed this amount at move-in.

A single persons household income cannot exceed $48,000. It changes annually so this number may be slightly different by the time our building is ready for tenants.

Wait List
If you meet the basic criteria, you may want to click here for the waiting list and get your name added to the list that is being established for interested and qualified individuals. We have 143 suites available and currently have almost 300 people on the wait list. Individual circumstances may change for those on the wait list, so make sure you get your name on the list as soon as possible!

Important Notice!

  1. The Maple Residences in Steveston Village is NOT Rent-Geared-to-Income.

  2. Tenants need to make less than the above noted Housing Income Limit, to be eligible to be a tenant, but individual tenant income will not determine your personal rent.

  3. The entire building will have fully serviced rents that are approximately $200 less than comparable facilities within Richmond. A comparable facility is a facility that offers similar suite sizes and services.

  4. The fully serviced rent is determined based on your suite selection. If you choose a one bedroom suite you will pay less than a tenant in a two bedroom suite. Approximate pricing is noted below.

  5. Although, no level of government will be providing monthly rent subsidies to tenants, but some tenants may benefit from SAFER. Please see the tab on the right side for the link to the SAFER program.